Kaldera Prefab Painter

Discover Kaldera Prefab Painter: Your essential productivity and level design tool!

Effortlessly place prefabs in your scene with precision or cover vast areas seamlessly, selected from our easy-to-use Prefab Palette. Kaldera Prefab Painter caters to all, whether you're an artist, a level designer, or a programmer. This tool is designed for ease of use, requiring minimal prior knowledge. Within minutes you can dive in and start crafting scenes quickly and with precision. Elevate your game development with Kaldera Prefab Painter!

Inspired by the simplicity and effectiveness of map/level editors from classic RTS titles of the early 2000s, Kaldera Prefab Painter tries to bring that same intuitive experience to modern game development.

Unity logo Kaldera Prefab Painter

Kaldera Prefab Painter

Kaldera Prefab Painter Lite: Most of the features, none of the cost!

Curious about Kaldera Prefab Painter but hesitant to or not able to pay? We know what that's like. Try the Lite version for free! This is a small trimmed down version where we only kept to most basic brushes.

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Bear Data Editor

Introducing Bear Data Editor! Simplify your Asset Management for free.

Easily locate, search, and manipulate objects. Enjoy frictionless editing from a centralized hub. Boost productivity and streamline your workflow as your project grows.

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Preview Field

Browse and select prefabs with our interactive Prefab preview feature, from an complete list of all matching Prefabs in your project. Perfect for anyone looking for a more artist-friendly workflow.

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