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Frequently asked questions

Why is the source included in all packages?

We believe teams themselves know best what they need to build their games. We supply a solid base in our packages, we strongly believe users have the right to tweak and alter the code how they see fit.

Can I release or sell changes made to your packages?

If the package is released under an MIT Open Source license; yes. If it's a paid package; no. You are not allowed to resell non-open source packages.

Why do you release packages as open source instead of selling them

We used a lot of free open-source tools in our own development. It's our duty to keep that spirit going and enable other people to get great tools as well. Whenever we haven't made a too big temporal investment into a tool, we will generally release it as open source.

Can I use the open source packages, or parts of them, in my own free packages?

Yes, that's the whole point of open-source software.

Can I use the open source packages, or parts of them, in my own packages that I then sell?

Yes. You are allowed, as long as you leave attribution to us. Please keep in mind that you don't own the copyright to the parts of packages that are made up of our Open source packages. We will keep distributing them for free, and other people are also allowed to include the same code in their packages.