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Kaldera Prefab Painter

Paint visually stunning scenes in Unity with ease!

Kaldera Prefab Painter is a productivity and level design tool made for Unity, to enable Artists and Level designers to paint prefabs of your liking into a scene just the way you want them. We initially built this Prefab Painter as a tool for our projects to help with level design, and for filling out scenes with assets without the tediousness that usually comes with having to search through folder upon folder to find the exact prefab needed at the moment. This editor instead gives you all available Prefabs in a Palette window, where you can see and select the one you need . You can in theory display hundreds of Prefabs in a single Palette window and still maintain a sense of organization.

When importing new prefabs to your projects, you can easily add them to a Palette, making them available in the Palette window.

The prefab painter is a great tool whether you need to place a few Prefabs with high precision, fill out large areas with random trees, rocks, or anything in between.

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Kaldera Prefab Painter palette preview

Main feature set

Palette window with Preview for assets

View and select prefabs from a Palette with previews.

Brush stroke visualization.

See the brush strokes before you place them.

On-the-fly scaling and rotating.

Easily Rotate and Scale brush strokes while painting.

Can place any Prefab.

Works with any prefabs you have in your project. Meshes, VFX, empty objects, or even gameplay assets like moving platforms, enemy units, etc.

Shift multi-select.

Select multiple prefabs on the fly, and paint them together in a single brush stroke.

Kaldera Prefab Painter multi select in action

Seven different brushes shipped with the editor.

Kaldera has a solid set of brushes out of the box. Includes the most obvious ones, such as a single paintbrush tool, a spray tool, and a line tool.

Customizable Palettes

Customize prefab details on an individual level, letting you tweak random rotations, offset, scale, and much more.

Kaldera Prefab Painter palette customization

Minimal initial set up.

After downloading the Prefab Painter, you can set up your first palette within minutes and is then ready to start painting.

Full source included in the package.

At Collision Bear, we believe that you know your own needs best. For that, we include the full source code, open for editing and/or expansion, to suit your current and future needs.

Additional features

Automatic spacing

We use an estimate of how big a prefab is, based on the size of its Renderer component. Though not perfect for complex prefabs, the rough estimate is good enough for most use cases.

Automatic height detection.

You can paint on any surface as your prefabs correctly place themselves on top of any collider, such as terrain, mesh collider, or even recently placed prefabs.

Kaldera Prefab Painter automatic height detection

Orient with brush.

Paint lines of prefabs facing in the direction of the brush. Perfect for fences and walls.

Kaldera Prefab Painter orient with stroke

Surface alignment

Aligns the object along the surface normal that it's placed upon.

Hotkey support.

We support hotkeys for most of the commonly used tools and features.

Scaling and rotation randomness.

In the palette configuration, you can set predefined random rotation and scale for your prefabs, allowing automatic asset variation when placed in the scene.

Distribution randomness.(Spatial randomness)

Choose between uniform spatial distribution or "managed" randomness for a more organic and natural feel.

Prefab variant randomization.(Prefab randomness)

While painting, Kaldera can randomly pick prefabs within your Prefab variation set to quickly create variation instead of switching back and forth between different prefabs of a similar type.

Kaldera Prefab Painter brush with randomess

A Circle brush full of Bones, with four degrees of randomness. Spatial, rotation, scaling and variants

Supports Unity's Undo/Redo flow.

Naturally, the editor fully supports Unity's Undo/Redo flow. This goes for both when painting with the brushes and editing the Palettes.

Tools agnostic prefabs.

Once an object is placed, there is no lingering data from the Prefab painter. No custom scripts are added to your Prefabs. A prefab placed with Kaldera is literally identical to one dragged into the scene from the project view.

Open to community feedback.

We're always ready to hear feedback and feature requests from you, the user. Many of the current features started out as suggestions from our user base.

More information

For a more in-depth technical description of what the Kaldera Prefab Painter can offer you, please go to Kaldera Prefab Painter - Details.